I feel just like you,only a little light floating in a speck of dust in a propably infinite cosmos,being haunted by demons of that infinite dark.

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I stand here like an anthill cold and slippery in the winter drizzle cold and mild,soaked in the april rain pale white,distanced bamboo? no not bamboo. bamboos are too close they collide like a desert pillar all,alone. the darkside of the moon massive dullness,unwanted dense and charged,flared plasma. The flash of the thunder bolt. theContinue reading “WHY CAN’T I GET A HUG ?”


Do you see me now,from beyond the clouds. in the deep voidness beyond my sight or you’re omnipresent as they all said are you in the breeze I breath then if you’re in within, you’re also caught in this deurmekaar the WEIGHT of broken bones and spilled blood the odour of decaying angels. chokes me,butContinue reading “ARE YOU THERE ?”

Mid night moon

Hello,it’s soul song again,I don’t prove read my work. That’s bad of me, but I am after my illusional existence and I have to be first. I don’t have enough time to lie,just die. I even break grammatical laws but I always feed the information to the server,well arranged and in a processing friendly format.Continue reading “Mid night moon”

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